otroligt klipp

Ta er en titt på detta helt otroliga klipp med scener från New Moon och Twilight.

Vad tycker ni? :)

borttagen scen- bilresan hem

Här kommer en borttagen scen från New Moon, denhär scenen visar Bella och Edward påväg hem från Bellas födelsedagskalas. Titta och njut!

New Moon är ute på dvd

-Iallafall i hyrbutikerna!

Så kära twihards, dra ner till närmaste videobutik och njuuuut av New Moon+ allt extramaterial :)

the cliffdive

Här kan ni se hur det gick till när de filmade Bellas klipphopp i New Moon :)

behind the scenes - New Moon!

-Lägg märke till när Chris i slutet säger "CUT!" och de fortsätter kyssas ;)

ännu ett new moon-omslag

Denna version finns tyvärr endast att köpa på target, men vad tycker ni om omslaget? :)

skandinaviens new moon special edition

Såhär ser vårt omslag ut!!!

Och den kommer att innehålla följande:

Disc 1: The feature film + commentary

Disc 2: Total selected added value (128 min):

- 6-part Documentary: (65 min) Life After Twilight. Chris Weitz Takes the Helm, The Subtle Details, Time to Shine, Tricks of the Trade, Ready for the World

- Music Videos: (12 min)Death Cab for Cutie -Meet Me On the Equinox, Anya Marina -Satellite Heart, Muse -B&W rehearsal footage of Belong To You, Mute Math -Spotlight (from Twilight Soundtrack)
Team Jacob and Team Edward

- Becoming Jacob(6 min)

- Introducing the Wolf Pack (9 min)

- Shooting in Italy (7 min)

- Extended Scenes: (29 min)

Shool Corridor Extended (1:20)

English Class Extended (1:26)

Carlisle Stitches Bella Extended (2:54)

Scrap Metal Extended (3:00)

Start of Cinema Lobby Extended (1:27)

Phoning Jake Extended (1:00)

Meeting Laurent Extended (4:54)

Jake in Bella’s Room Extended (5:00)

Outside Emily’s Extended (1:28)

Leaving for Italy Extended (:27)

Edward Meets Volturi Extended (2:38)

Home from Italy Extended (2:34)

I See you’re Still Alive Extended (:41)

Disc 3:

• The remaining added value (122 min):

• Deleted Scenes: (15 min)

Bella’s Birthday Cake (:21)

Driving Home From Party (1:00)

Waking in the Woods (2:34)

Charlie Puts Bella in Bed (1:15)

Bike Crash (1:05)

Bella’s Nightmare and Chat w/ Charlie (4:12)

Remembering the Meadow (2:04)

Mike is Left at Cinema (:58)

I’m Here If You Want to Talk (:51)

Victoria Driving (1:38)

Jake Drives Bella Home (5:05)

• Edward Fast Forward (30 min)

• Jacob Fast Forward (33 min)

• Interview with the Volturi (12 min)

• Fandimonium (7 min)

• The Beat Goes On: The Music of New Moon (5 min)

• Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen (15-20 min)

Gud vad jag måste ha den här, vad tycker NI? :D

ett annat omslag?!

Jag har hittat ännu ett omslag till New Moon dvdn! Just nu vet jag inte om det är skillnaden mellan länderna eller något annat :p

Vilket omslag gillar NI bäst? :D

new moon släpps...

Spända? :)

Desssa saker är med i versionen som kommer ut i USA och den svenska kommer förmodligen ha ungefär samma saker :D


Special features include Director Chris Weitz’s commentary and over 3 hours of exclusive extras:

The Journey Continues: A 6-part making-of documentary:
- Life after Twilight
- Chris Weitz takes the helm
- The subtle details
- A look at production
- It’s not magic
- Ready for the World

• Music Videos:
- Death Cab for Cutie: Meet me on the Equinox
- Anya Marina: Satellite Heart
- Muse: I Belong to You behind the scenes rehearsal footage
- Mutemath: Spotlight

• Fan Event Q&A with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz – (Content Exclusive for the UK DVD!!!)
• Fandimonium: A look at the die-hard fans
• Team Jacob vs Team Edward: The ultimate love triangle
• Deleted scenes
• Edward goes to Italy
• Edward Fast Forward
• Jacob Fast Forward
• Interview with the Volturi
• Introducing the Wolfpack
• Becoming Jacob
• Edward goes to Italy
• Jacob fast forward
• Edward fast forward
• The Beat Goes On: The music of The Twilight Saga: New Moon
• Frame by Frame: Storyboards to screen

new moon cover

Såhär ser filmomslaget ut i USA, om det kommer att se likadant ut i Sverige vet jag inte. Men visst är det snyggt? :D

hahaha, värt en titt! :D

Det här är så klockrent! :)

borttagen scen?

Jag har en bild ni inte har sett förut, ryktet säger att det är en av de borttagna scenerna i New Moon. Vad tror ni, kan det vara när de kommer hem från Italien eller kanske Bellas födelsedag? :)

visste ni..

Att New Moon har dragit in $ 627 420 977 hittills? :D
Pretty cool, huh?

3 nya bilder

Har ni någon favoritbild?
Om ni har sett filmen, vilken bild representerar din favoritscen av dessa tre? :)

20 olikheter

...Från boken till filmen!

More shirtless boys

We all hoped to get a glimpse of Edward's alabaster chest in Volterra, but who knew we'd get to see so much hot werewolf skin? Thankfully, the Wolf Pack run such high temperatures and explode away their clothes so frequently that cut-off jeans and no shirt are their shared ensemble of choice.

We get more fights, including an awesome Volturi throw down

New Moon the book is infamous for its slow pacing, thanks to Bella's crippling depression (see below). So it's a good thing that the film throws in fistfights, wolf skirmishes, and chase scenes to liven things up a bit more. Our favorite: watching Volturi guard Felix put the smack down on our precious Edward, a scene crafted for the film.

Instead of talking to herself, Bella sends emails to Alice

New Moon, like all of the Twilight books, makes frequent use of Bella's internal voice-overs to tell us what's going on in that angsty head of hers. In New Moon, Bella writes emails to her lost BFF, Alice, to work through her issues. We still get the voice-overs, but they're cleverly disguised as Bella's messages to Alice, and therefore much less "Vampire Diaries." (Also, creating a movie email address for Alice was a clever way to sneak in product placement for Apple's MobileMe email application.)

Bella's (a little) less mopey than she is in the books

Much of the book is devoted to Bella's heartbreaking, months-long break-up depression, so it's a good thing that the film condenses her lost period a bit for the sake of storytelling. Critics complain already that Bella spends so much time staring into space, pining over Edward; if only they knew how much more we/she suffer in the books! Thankfully, Rosenberg's script snaps Bella out of her funk and moves on, sort of, in a relatively short span of time.

Bella's months-long depression, in the blink of an eye

Fans were wondering how Chris Weitz would treat the infamous "lost" months of Bella's depression, which are depicted by blank pages in the book. After all, October, November, December, and January fly by as voids of nothingness to the girl. Weitz and Rosenberg's solution? A clever scene where Bella sits listless in front of her window as the camera moves around her to show the changing seasons outside. The trick captures her melancholia and is perfectly punctuated by Lykke Li's haunting, wistful track, "Possibility."

Edward doesn't hide Bella's photos

In the book, when Edward decides to break up with Bella and leave town, he also sneaks into her room and hides her photos of him so that she'll have no reminders at all that he existed – a complete and total abandonment. (Can you imagine a world without pictures of RPattz? It would be horrible, indeed.) In the film, we see him in her room, but there's no messing with photographs, which would have been an unnecessary minor plot point anyway. Plus, those folks who think Edward's a little stalker-like might have been even more creeped out by him rifling through her stuff. Instead, we get the full impact of Edward's absence in Bella's misery.

Jacob gives Bella a dream catcher

One new scene in the film has Jacob giving Bella a dream catcher for her birthday, killing two birds with one stone in the process: giving her a present when Edward feels he cannot and putting the mack on her with a big bear hug right in front of Edward. Bella hangs the dream catcher above her pillow, but unfortunately for her, it doesn't help keep the nightmares away.

Bella goes for a bike ride at One Eyed Pete's

Bella's attempt to put herself out there by going to Port Angeles with Jessica takes a dangerous (and hilarious) turn when she accepts a ride with a burly, beefy biker in order to hang on to her visions of Edward. In the book, she stops short of hopping on the chopper, but in the film she takes a full-on joyride with a stranger. How boring would it have been if she'd just turned around and walked back to safety?

More snarky Anna Kendrick

Besides giving Bella her very first brush with danger, the biker scene serves another purpose: letting Anna Kendrick shine. As Jessica, Kendrick once again steals every scene she's in, and Bella's foolish biker episode gives her some of her very best frenemy lines of dialogue. Bonus: Kendrick's blissfully ignorant snark attack on zombie movies.

Two words: Face Punch

In addition to the zombie genre, New Moon has a little something to say about stupid action flicks. One of the best additions to the script involves Bella, Mike Newton, Jacob, and a popular (fake) blockbuster movie entitled Face Punch. (Tagline: "Let's DO this!")

Visions of RPattz dance in Bella's head

While Bella's hallucinations of Edward in the books are purely auditory, there's no way that would fly in the film. So Weitz injects plenty of pretty Rob Pattinson shots throughout the entire duration of Edward's absence, scrumptious visions that come and go like wisps of smoke. And really, there's tons of RPattz bookmarking New Moon, so we don't miss him all that much. (What am I saying? There's always room for more RPattz!)

Victoria is definitely in the water

When Bella is drowning after cliff-diving in New Moon, we clearly see Victoria swimming toward her in the water right before Jacob pulls her out of the water – something that was hinted at, but kept ambiguous, in the books. We like it better this way, as it makes Bella's danger more present and, let's be real, gives Rachelle Lefevre a little more to do, considering that she has exactly zero lines in the whole movie.

Bella hits Paul in the face

In a film packed with phasing wolves and marble-cracking vampire fights, it's nice to see Bella get a little action. Angry that they've brainwashed her beloved Jacob, Bella confronts the Wolf Pack, shoves Sam Uley, and smacks Paul right in the kisser! Sure, it seems a little out of character, but at least in this moment, Bella is an agent of action and not merely reacting to the people around her. Plus, it leads into Paul's transformation and Jacob's mid-air phase, and the huge revelation of the Quileute secret.

Carlisle's Volturi painting comes to life

Instead of waiting ‘til the end to meet the Volturi, we get an early peek at them when Carlisle's painting comes to life as Edward explains their history to Bella. Thank goodness! It would be such a waste to have even less of Aro & Co. in New Moon than the brief sequence we already get.

Victoria attacks Harry Clearwater

While tracking the Wolf Pack – and slyly covering their footprints – Harry Clearwater suffers a fatal heart attack in the woods. But in the film, we see that Harry's heart attack comes from the shock of being attacked by Victoria, who is seen stalking Charlie's hunting party from up in the trees. The change here allows plot points to converge, as the ensuing wolf pursuit of Victoria runs parallel to Bella's fateful cliff-jump into the ocean. And again, it gives Rachelle Lefevre something to do.

New Moon has way more funnies

Credit Rosenberg for injecting more sly humor into New Moon, which was especially necessary in this installment. Supporting humans like Jessica, Mike, and Charlie add levity to their scenes with the somber Bella, while more subtle winks, like the comparison of werewolfiness to a "lifestyle choice" and Bella's transatlantic ride aboard a Virgin Atlantic airplane, display a self-aware sense of humor.

Jacob and Bella almost kiss. Twice

New Moon is Jacob's movie, so Rosenberg rewards him with not one, but two almost-kisses. If you look closely, their lips ACTUALLY TOUCH the second time!

Jacob and Edward face off in the woods – just not when you expect

If you've read New Moon, you're already expecting the tense "treaty" discussion between Jacob and Edward. Rosenberg wisely juggles the timeline a bit, placing it before the key conclusion (see #19), and adds one last phase for the furious Jacob. (It's the closest Bella's two men come to blows in New Moon.)

Edward proposes

Rosenberg saves the best for last, leaving Bella (and us) with the biggest possible cliffhanger. Again, the re-jiggered placement of the scene works better cinematically, and leads into the next film, Eclipse!

Alice's vision

When Aro "sees" Alice's vision of the future, he lets her, Edward, and Bella go with the knowledge that sometime soon, Bella will become a vampire. As a special treat, the film shows us Alice's vision of Edward and Bella running through the woods (alas, in giggle-worthy outfits and slow motion). But after the snickers die down, think about exactly what you are seeing and you'll realize that it's essentially a preview of sorts… of something with the initials B and D!


new moon slår alla rekord!

Redan första dagen drog New Moon in $72.7 miljoner!
Hur coolt är det inte?

*Det tidigare rekordet hölls av "The Dark Night" som fick in runt $62 miljoner.

vad tycker ni?

Nu vill jag mer än gärna veta vad NI tycker om New Moon! :D
Det kan vara kul för både mig och er att läsa vad ni tycker!

Så, vad tycker ni?

fler bilder från new moon

fyra nya bilder

Titta och njut! :)

Har ni någon favorit? :)

new moon

Okej, här kommer en sammanfattning av vad jag tyckte om filmen, det kan förekomma någon liten spoiler men jag ska försöka att hålla tillbaka ;)

Redan från första stund, när man ser att det är New Moon älskade jag det. Redan då såg det otroligt proffsigt ut, jag kan med all säkerhet säga att ni alla kommer att älska filmen och att ni kommer att tycka att Chris är ett geni. Filmen följer boken otroligt väl, mycket bättre än vad Twilight gjorde. Och det var nog bara en scen jag saknade som inte var med i filmen, iallafall vad jag kan komma på just nu och när jag såg den igår. Det var när Bella och Alice flyger till Italien.
Alla känslor i filmen var otroliga, de är otroligt duktiga skådespelare! Jag hade bestämt mig för att inte gråta till 'the break-up scene', det var svårt. Eftersom man redan har sett så mycket av den visste man ju en hel del av vad man skulle få se, men det är ändå en helt annan känsla av att se det ihopsatt tillsammans med filmen! Sen var det otroligt sorgligt när Bella letar efter Edward, ni vet, springer i skogen. Där var det också nära att jag fällde ett par tårar.
Otroligt nog var det inte bara här det var sorgligt utan också på ett par andra ställen, till exempel när Jacob 'gör slut'.
Vargarna var O-T-R-O-L-I-G-A! -verkligen! Jag är fortfarande förvånad. De var till och med skrämmande ett par gånger. Victoria var grym och grymt snygg, jag kommer att sakna Rachelle i Eclipse. Volturi var grymma, jag älskar de alla, speciellt Aro. Han har lite humor! ;)
Och hörrni, slutet. Jag vill ha Eclipse, NU!

Nu har jag berättat lite, har ni några frågor är de varmt välkomna! :D
Tillslut vill jag tillägga att, den här filmen är OTROLIGT proffsigt gjort och HELT OTROLIGT duktigt filmat! Jag blir fortfarande pirrig av att tänka på filmen och det känns fortfarande overkligt att jag faktiskt har sett den. Nu längtar jag efter att få se den igen!

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