vad gör ni mellan tagningar?

Några av era favoriter pratar om vad skådespelarna gör mellan tagningarna! Titta och njut :D

citat från skådespelarna

Det är lördagskväll och jag tänkte bjuda på lite citat från våra favoriter!

"I'd beat everyone, even Taylor, no doubt. If they all tried to jump me, they might have a chance. Rob can slap pretty hard though." -Kellan Lutz

"I'm glad to be a part of something that's actually bigger than me for once. The success of it is the coolest thing ever because I can't tell you how much it hurts to do something that you feel like you can really learn from — and you feel is an important section of your life that you put everything into — and then nothing, it just never comes out. So the fact that we can share that, that's why we do this. It's the coolest thing." -Kristen Stewart

"It's just so nice being in a supporting role. There was so much pressure on Taylor for this one, and it's like, he didn't have a single bad day the entire shoot. I just stroll onto set, I'm like, 'Oh, I've got one line!'' -Robert Pattinson

"At one point, my body fat was really, really low, and we needed to increase it to be able to put muscle on, so my trainer was like, go to McDonald's, get the biggest shake possible just so we can pack on 1,000 calories." -Taylor Lautner

"Team Edward or Team Jacob?
-Team Emmett! Bella and I goof around in the books so much [that] it's fate…fifth book coming up!" -Kellan Lutz

On Tabloid Marriage & The Kristen Pregnancy Rumors
"Literally, that would be terrifying if I suddenly — well, actually, it wouldn't be terrifying, it would be quite satisfying, actually, to be able to get someone pregnant from across the country. With a text message!" -Robert Pattinson